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New Award: RFA-DK-18-021: Discovery of Early Type 1 Diabetes Disease Biomarkers in the Human Pancreas (CBDS)

One new HIRN CBDS grant was awarded “Development of an Early Diagnostic Biomarker and Novel Treatment Strategy for T1D” to Dr. Anath Shalev at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 

Summary: The objective of this HIRN grant is to establish a non-invasive biomarker for pancreatic beta cell loss in humans with T1D and help develop novel approaches for the early diagnosis and treatment of T1D.

Anath Shalev, MD Shalev Lab Members Visual Schematic of Project

New Awards: RFA-DK-17-022: High-Resolution Exploration of the Human Islet Tissue Environment (HPAC)

New HIRN Grants from RFA-DK-17-022: High-Resolution Exploration of the Human Islet Tissue Environment (HPAC)


 High-Resolution Characterization of
 Human Ductal Progenitor Cells and
 their Regeneration Potential

U01 DK120393

Juan Dominguez-Bendala (Univ. of Miami)*
Investigator: Ricardo Pastori (Univ. of Miami)
Co-Investigator: Alejandro Caicedo (Univ. of Miami)
Co-Investigator: Camillo Ricordi (Univ. of Miami.)


 Single Cell Analysis of the Human Pancreas
 in Type 1 Diabetes

U01 DK120429

Maike Sander (Univ. California, San Diego)*
Kyle Jeffrie Gaulton (Univ. California, San Diego)
Co-Investigator: David Gorkin (Univ. California, San Diego)
Co-Investigator: Sebastian Preissl (Univ. California, San Diego)
Co-Investigator: Al Powers (Vanderbilt  Univ.)


 In situ Analysis of Functional Endocrine,   Vascular, and Immune Cell Interactions
 during Early Postnatal Development
 of the Human Pancreas

U01 DK120456

Alejandro Caicedo (Univ. Miami)*
Co-Investigator: Marcela Brissova (Vanderbilt Univ.)
Co-Investigator: Stephan Speier (Paul Langerhans Institut)


 Linking Islet Cell Function and
 Identity from in vitro to in situ

U01 DK120447

Patrick MacDonald (Univ. of Alberta)*
Co-Investigator: Stephen Quake (Stanford Univ.)
Co-Investigator: Martin Hetzer (Salk Institute)
Co-Investigator: Emma Lundberg (KTH Stockholm)
Co-Investigator: Seung Kim (Stanford Univ.)

* Denotes Contact PI

HIRN 2018 New Investigator Award Recipients

Recipients of the HIRN 2018 New Investigator Awards

Seven investigators were selected to carryout bold and highly innovative new research approaches to biological problems under current investigation in HIRN.  They will join their respective consortium conference calls and attend the HIRN Annual Investigator Meeting.


New Awards: RFA-DK-17-003: Therapeutic Targeting of the Human Islet Environment (UC4)

New HIRN Grants from RFA-DK-17-003: Therapeutic Targeting of the Human Islet Environment (UC4)


Aptamer Chimeras for the in vivo Modulation of Beta Cell Mass and Immunogenicity

UC4 DK116241

Paolo Serafini (Univ. of Miami)*
Midhat Abdulreda (Univ. of Miami)
Co-Investigator: Peter Buchwald (Univ. of Miami)
Co-Investigator: Camillo Ricordi (Univ. of Miami)
Co-Investigator: Natasa Strbo (Univ. of Miami)


Therapeutic Targeting of the Human Islet Environment

UC4 DK116264

Jeffrey Bluestone (Univ. California, San Francisco)*
Wendell Lim (Univ. California, San Francisco)
Co-Investigator: Qizhi Tang (Univ. California, San Francisco)
Co-Investigator: Kole Roybal (Univ. California, San Francisco)


CAR T Cell Targeting of Human Islets

UC4 DK116252

Seung Kim (Stanford Univ.)*
Everett Meyer (Stanford Univ)
Co-Investigator: Philip Streeter (Oregon Health & Science Univ.)


Development of Small Molecule-based Methods for Targeted Cargo Delivery to Beta Cells

UC4 DK116255

Amit Choudhary (Broad Institute)*
Bridget Wagner (Broad Institute)
Rohit Kulkarni (Joslin Diabetes Center)

* Denotes Contact PI

RFA-DK-17-004: Competitive Collaborative Projects for Human Islet Biology (UC4)

New Awards: RFA-DK-17-004: Competitive Collaborative Projects for Human Islet Biology (UC4)


Generating Novel Sources of Functional
Human Insulin-secreting Cells for T1D Modeling

UC4 DK116280

Qiao Zhou (Harvard Univ.)*
Stephan Kissler (Joslin Diabetes Center)


Human Islet-Infiltrating T Cell Biology:
Reactivity, Structure and Function

UC4 DK116284


Sally Kent (Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School)*
David Harlan (Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School)
Lawrence Stern (Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School)
Co-Investigator: Dirk Homann (Mount Sinai School of Medicine)


Modular Monitoring of Hormone Release
from Human Islets

UC4 DK116283


Michael Roper (Florida State Univ.)*
Christopher Hughes (Univ. of California, Irvine)
Ryan White (Univ. of Cincinatti)


Non-invasive Detection of Cell Death in Type 1 Diabetes: Insight into Novel Disease Mechanisms

UC4 DK116274

Desmond Schatz (Univ. Florida)*
Yuval Dor (Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem)
Carla Greenbaum (Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason)


Interrogation of Dynamic RNA Modifications in
Beta Cells in Type 1 Diabetes

UC4 DK116278

Rohit Kulkarni (Joslin Diabetes Center)*
Chuan He (Univ. of Chicago)


Drivers and Consequences of Beta Cell DNA
Damage in Type 1 Diabetes

UC4 DK116271

Klaus Kaestner (Univ. of Pennsylvania)*
Yuval Dor (Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem)
Ali Naji (Univ. of Pennsylvania)

* Denotes Contact PI


New HPAP Consortium – October 2016

A fifth consortium, Human Pancreas Analysis Program (HPAP), has been added to HIRN.  These two awards were made in response to a NIH NIDDK initiative (RFA-DK-15-027). The primary goal of HPAP is to accumulate, analyze, and distribute high value T1D datasets to the diabetes research community.  

New CMAI Award – October 2016

One new project has been added to the CMAI portfolio, “Using Human Stem Cell-derived Thymic Epithelium to Remodel T1D Immune Tolerance“. This project is led by Drs. Mark Anderson, Jeffrey Bluestone and Matthias Hebrok at the University of California, San Francisco.

Three New HIRN CBDS Awards – Oct 2015

Three new projects have been added to the CBDS porfolio. These three awards were made in response to the second HIRN/CBDS initiative (RFA-DK-14-021) that supports the development of medium- to high-throughput “omics” technologies that can be used to explore human pancreatic tissues with single cell- or near single cell- resolution. The three new teams/projects are: “Single Cell Resolution Omics Analysis of T1D islets”, “Single-Cell Analyses of Human Islets in T1D Using Highly Multiplexed Imaging“, and “High-Resolution Analysis of Juvenile Human Pancreas Maturation”.

Helmsley Cellular Research Hub

The Helmsley Cellular Research Hub was established as part of a type 1 diabetes coalition comprised of the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center at Columbia University, the New York Stem Cell Foundation and the University of Florida Diabetes Institute, with funding support from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust. The goal of the Helmsley Cellular Research Hub is to promote a greater understanding of type 1 diabetes and accelerate new potential therapies to treat the disease.

National Institutes of Health awards Indiana University 5-year grant to create new Diabetes Research Center

The National Institutes of Health has awarded the Indiana University School of Medicine a five-year, $4.5 million grant to create a new federally designated Indiana Diabetes Research Center, one of just 16 such centers in the country. Read more…