A Microsoft PowerPoint template is available for download:

Download HIRN Presentation Template (388 downloads)

The HIRN logo and schematics are available for download:

Official Logos

Small-size format, suitable for screen use.

Pixel dimensions: 224 x 176 pixels.
PNG format
Download Here (360 downloads)

Medium-size format, suitable for
medium-resolution print.

Pixel dimensions: 469 x 368 pixels.
PNG format
Download Here (329 downloads)

Large-size format, suitable for
using on posters and in print.

Pixel dimensions: 938 x 736 pixels.
PNG format
Download Here (466 downloads)

Extra-large size format, suitable for
posters, billboards and print.

Pixel dimensions: 2500 x 1587 pixels.
JPG format
Download Here (395 downloads)

Consortium Schematics*

CBDS Schematic

PNG format
CBDS.png (220 downloads)

CHIB Schematic

PNG format
CHIB.png (248 downloads)

CMAI Schematic

PNG format
CMAI.png (274 downloads)

CTAR Schematic

PNG format
CTAR.png (237 downloads)


HPAC Schematic

PNG format
HPAC.png (266 downloads)

HPAP Schematic

PNG format

HPAP.png (219 downloads)


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