Human Islet Research Network


A Microsoft PowerPoint template is available for download:

Download HIRN Presentation Template (360 downloads)  


The HIRN logo and schematics are available for download:


 Official Logos



   Consortium Schematics*

HIRN small logo

    Small-size format, suitable for screen use.

   Pixel dimensions: 224 x 176 pixels. 
   PNG format
    Download Here (324 downloads)

    CBDS Schematic

  PNG format
  CBDS.png (193 downloads)

HIRN medium logo

   Medium-size format, suitable for 
   medium-resolution print.

   Pixel dimensions: 469 x 368 pixels. 
   PNG format
    Download Here (297 downloads)

    CHIB Schematic

  PNG format
  CHIB.png (211 downloads)

HIRN large logo    Large-size format, suitable for
   using on posters and in print.

   Pixel dimensions: 938 x 736 pixels.
   PNG format
    Download Here (433 downloads)

     CMAI Schematic

   PNG format
    CMAI.png (243 downloads)

HPAP logo    Extra-large size format, suitable for           
   posters, billboards and print.

   Pixel dimensions: 2500 x 1587 pixels. 
   JPG format
    Download Here (366 downloads)

     CTAR Schematic 

   PNG format
    CTAR.png (211 downloads)


   HPAC Schematic

   PNG format
    HPAC.png (243 downloads)


  HPAP Schematic

  PNG format

  HPAP.png (192 downloads)

* Courtesy of Diane Saunders, Vanderbilt University.