Tips for the NIH Data Sharing Plan

In January 2023, the NIH implemented a new policy to promote the sharing of scientific data. To assist the HIRN community in interpreting these standards the HIREC developed a new initiative to share a useful related “tip” with investigators each month. 

Tip 1 Online Tools: “DMPTool”

There are multiple online tools available to assist researchers with creating a Data Sharing Plan that complies with the new NIH mandate. One example is “DMPTool”. It is a free open-source tool accessible to all within the scientific community. DMPTool is an online application that guides researchers through the process of creating a plan, utilizing a click-through wizard for creating a Data Management Plan (DMP) that complies with NIH requirements.


For additional detailed information please refer to the NIDDK Information Network (dkNET) website. The dkNET is our partner organization and has up-to-date information on the NIH Data Management and Sharing Mandate. Learn more here



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