Human Pancreas Analysis Consortium (HIRN-HPAC)


The Human Pancreas Analysis Consortium (HPAC) is investigating the physical and functional organization of the human islet tissue environment, the cell-cell relationships within the pancreatic tissue ecosystem, and the contributions of non-endocrine components (acinar, ductal, vascular, perivascular, neuronal, lymphatic, immune) to islet cell function and dysfunction.

Active: September 2018 – present

HPAP is series of research projects within HPAC.

HPAP is performing deep phenotyping of the human endocrine pancreas and its interaction with the immune system to better understand the cellular and molecular events that precede and lead to the beta cell loss in type 1 diabetes (T1D). The primary goal of HPAP is to accumulate, analyze, and distribute high value T1D datasets to the diabetes research community.

Active: September 2016 – present




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