• HIRN Webinar: Emerging role for tissue-specific extracellular vesicles in disease diagnosis: implications for Type 1 Diabetes View
  • HIRN Webinar: “Microfluidic Models for Types 1 Diabetes on a Chip” View
  • HIRN Webinar: “Extensive Cell Turnover During Postnatal Pancreas Growth” View
  • HIRN Webinar: “Synthetic Biology and Type 1 Diabetes: New Approaches to Protect and Construct Islets” View
  • NIH NIDDK New Investigator Gateway Award Recipients (Nov 2023) View
  • HIRN Webinar: “A Roadmap to Restoring Tolerance in Type 1 Diabetes: CAR Tregs & Beyond” View
  • HIRN Webinar: “RNA Process in Metabolic Tissues” View
  • HIRN Webinar: “Update on Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Screening & Disease Modifying Therapies” View
  • Webinar: “Stem Cell-based Platforms to Model Human Autoimmune Diabetes” View
  • HIRN Funding Opportunity: Pancreas Knowledgebase Program (PanKbase)
    (RFA-DK-22-018) View
  • Webinar: Reprogramming Human Regulatory T Cells to Quell Autoimmunity and Transplant Rejection View
  • January 2022 Webinar: “mRNA Modifications in Islet Biology” View
  • Gateway Investigator RFA View
  • HIRN Catalyst Initaitive (2021) View
  • Office Hours View


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