Human Islet Research Network

Enhancement Center

The Human Islet Research Enhancement Center (HIREC) is located within the Department of Diabetes and Cancer Discovery Sciences at City of Hope.  The HIREC provides a centralized organizational and administrative infrastructure, an information technology platform, and a research dissemination engine to address the burgeoning needs of the program for the next five years.  In short, the HIREC will assist in cultivating and facilitating science within HIRN. 

The goals of the HIREC are to:

  • Provide research operations and organizational services to support scientific meetings, annual retreats, workshops, committees, working groups, and panels
  • Facilitate and accelerate new research paths through funding opportunities and collaboration with other T1D and related communities.
  • Enhance a modern technology platform to provide and preserve access to HIRN materials, data, and other resources, using available or expanded vocabularies, ontologies, identifiers, and data formats.
  • Catalyze collaboration and innovation in T1D research through the exchange of ideas, findings, and data generated in HIRN.


City of Hope Personnel  


Joyce Niland, PhD

City of Hope
Principal Investigator

John Kaddis, PhD

City of Hope
Principal Investigator 



Layla Rouse, MS

City of Hope
Program Manager

Nelly Berger

City of Hope
Project Assistant

Anh Nguyet Vu

City of Hope
Scientific Data Curator

Dave Ko

City of Hope
Senior Technical Lead

Julie Hom

City of Hope
Senior  Systems Analyst

Cynthia Aragundi

City of Hope
Research Operations Analyst


National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease (NIDDK) Program Personnel

Kristin Abraham, PhD

Project Scientist

Thomas Eggerman, MD, PhD

Project Officer