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  • Aptamer Chimeras for the in vivo Modulation of Beta Cell Mass and Immunogenicity View
  • Beta-cell Regeneration by Islet Cell Type Interconversion: Exploiting Islet Cell Plasticity for Diabetes Recovery View
  • CAR T Cell Targeting of Human Islets View
  • Developing a Platform Technology for β-Cell-Targeted Drug Delivery View
  • Development of platforms for beta cell-specific delivery and ligand discovery View
  • Development of Small Molecule-based Methods for Targeted Cargo Delivery to Beta Cells View
  • Epigenetic Rejuvenation of Human Beta-Cells View
  • GABP is a novel regulator of beta cell metabolism and proliferation View
  • Gene Therapy for Diabetes View
  • Generating Novel Sources of Functional Human Insulin-secreting Cells for T1D Modeling View
  • In vivo Targeting of Diabetes-relevant Human Cell Types with rAAV Vectors View
  • iSTAR Tregs View
  • Metabolic requirements of pancreatic beta cell proliferation View
  • Molecular Mechanisms of Physiologic Beta Cell Growth in Juvenile Human Pancreas View
  • Neuromodulation for Type 1 Diabetes: Harnessing Sensory Innervation to Promote Regeneration and Function of Insulin-Producing Cells View
  • One-compound, one-islet: A High-throughput Platform for Small-molecule Discovery View
  • Partial Antagonists of IRE1 RNASE - 'pairs' - to treat type 1 diabetes View
  • Targeting DNA Hydroxymethylation to Promote Human Beta Cell Function View
  • Targeting TXNIP to Enhance Beta Cell Mass in T1D View
  • Therapeutic Targeting of Human Islets with Recombinant Regulatory T Cells View


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