Active Projects

  • Beta-cells 1st Responders and Functional Paracrine Networks in Healthy and Diabetic Human Islets View
  • Cooperativity between Calcium and cAMP-inducing Agents in Human Alpha and Beta Cells View
  • HPAP T1D: Human Pancreas Analysis Program for Type 1 Diabetes View
  • HPAP T2D: Human Pancreas Analysis Program (Univ. Pennsylvania) View
  • HPAP T2D: Human Pancreas Analysis Program (Vanderbilt Univ.) View
  • Integrative Analysis of Multiomic Signatures and Cellular Function in Human Pancreas Across Developmental Timeline at Single-cell Spatial Resolution View
  • Linking Human Islet Structural Heterogeneity to Beta Cell State View
  • Positron emission tomography to characterize beta cell mass in individuals from multiple stages in the progression of type 1 diabetes View
  • Survival and Potential of Insulin-deficient Beta Cells in Type 1 Diabetes View
  • The Role of Senescent Beta Cells in Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes View
  • Ultra-sensitive Probes for High Resolution Imaging of Hormone Secretion in Islet Cells of Physiological Preparations View
  • Using ex vivo, in vivo Models and Patient Mutations to Interrogate Pancreatic Exocrine-Endocrine Cross Talk View

Closed Projects

  • Changes in Human Islet Microvasculature during Type 1 Diabetes View
  • High-Resolution Characterization of Human Ductal Progenitor Cells and their Regeneration Potential View
  • In situ Analysis of Functional Endocrine, Vascular, and Immune Cell Interactions During Early Postnatal Development of the Human Pancreas View
  • In vivo Effects of Physical Exercise on Human Islet Structure and Function View
  • Integrated Program for Human Pancreas Procurement and Analysis View
  • Linking Islet Cell Function and Identity from in vitro to in situ View
  • Primary Cilia in Human T1D Pancreas View
  • Single Cell Analysis of the Human Pancreas in Type 1 Diabetes View


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