November 2021 Webinar: “FAIR Data and You: Are you ready for 2023?”

Learn how to succeed with your next NIH grant:  New Data Mandates and Opportunities

Click HERE to access the YouTube video of the recording.

*The slides from the webinar are posted here to download
HIRN Webinar. 2021 Nov. Introduction to the FAIR Data.pdf (21 downloads)

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 (11:00 AM Pacific | 2:00 PM Eastern)

Presented by:   

Jeff Grethe, University of California, San Diego


Topics to be discussed:

  • Open Science & Data Sharing: NIH 2023 Mandate
  • Data as a Research Output
  • FAIR Principles:  What & Why
  • Deeper Dive into FAIR: Use of Persistent Identifiers, Rich Metadata, Data Licenses, FAIR Vocabularies & Standards
  • Introduction to Data Repositories
  • FAIR data and you: Importance of Data Management
  • Discussion
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