HIRN Webinar: Emerging role for tissue-specific extracellular vesicles in disease diagnosis: implications for Type 1 Diabetes

Click HERE to view YouTube recording of the webinar.

Thursday, April 23, 2024 (1:00 pm Eastern / 10:00 am Pacific)

Presentations by:   
Saumya Das, MD, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital
Guoping Li, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital
Lingfei Sun, Massachusetts General Hospital

Topics discussed:

  • EVs and their molecular cargo’s as biomarkers in cardiometabolic diseases
  • Improving EV diagnostics by identifying tissue-specific EV markers.
  • How to use a bottom-up proteomic approach to identify tissue-specific EV markers
  • Leveraging single cell RNAseq data to prioritize tissue-specific EV RNA cargo
  • Towards a beta-cell specific EV marker for early diagnosis of T1D




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