HIRN Catalyst Award Recipients

Congratulations to the HIRN Catalyst Award Recipients Awards

Congratulations to the four recipients of our internally  funded “Catalyst” initiative. The goal of this initiative was to support investigators developing bold, innovative, and challenging projects that will catalyze the field and provide  important advances in topics of interest to the network. To be considered  “catalyzing”, the proposed research must address significant and currently intractable problems by employing approaches or ideas that are currently outside the mainstream of contemporary research. The program is not intended to expand a current research program’s funding in the area of the proposed project, but instead must reflect a fundamental new insight or understanding that will revolutionize the field.  

Wen-Hong Li, PhD
University of Texas Southwestern

 Medical Center
Ultra-sensitive Probes for High Resolution Imaging of
Hormone Secretion in Islet Cells of Physiological Preparations
” (HPAC)


Jeffrey Millman, PhD
Washington University
of Medicine in St. Louis
Epigenomic Engineering of
Stem Cell-Derived Pancreatic Cells
” (CHIB)

Lori Sussel, MD
University of Colorado
Anschutz Medical Campus

Lactate-mediated Metabolic Reprogramming of
Beta Cells in T1D Contributes to their
Enhanced Plasticity and Dedifferentiation
” (CBDS)

Qizhi Tang, PhD
University of  California, San Francisco
Tregs as Vehicles for Targeted Delivery of
Therapeutic Payload to Human Islets
” (CMAI)

Mark Huising, PhD
University of California, Davis

Cooperativity between Calcium and cAMP-inducing Agents
in Human Alpha and Beta Cells” (HPAC)

Ernesto Nakayasu, PhD
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
BioStructure & Function Team Leader” (CBDS)



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