Office Hours

Want to learn more about HIRN? Have a question that needs an answer? Join the Human Islet Research Enhancement Center (HIREC) on Zoom during our monthly office hours to ask a questions or learn more about new techniques (see below). Standing zoom invite on the first Thursday of every month at 11:00 AM Pacific | 2:00 PM Eastern. 

* Zoom link (will only be active during the office hours)

Learn more about:

  • HIRN Resources: How to enter a new resource or search existing resources in the Resource Browser *
  • How to get an RRID for a resource (required by Cell Press journals and others) *
  • How to make your protocols more widely available on *
  • How to Dockerize your pipeline/application for more reproducible code *
  • FAIR: Is your research FAIR? Get suggestions on how to make your output more FAIR
  • How to make your data more FAIR by depositing in Zenodo *
  • Social Media: Learn how to self-promote your research and/or lab
  • And any other HIRN-related questions you may have!

*  “How to” work best if you bring your specific resource (code, data, protocol) to discuss


Human Islet Research Enhancement Center (HIREC) at City of Hope:

  • Layla Rouse, MS, HIRN Program Manager


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