NIH NIDDK New Investigator Gateway Award Recipients (Nov 2023)

Congratulations to the November 2023 Recipients of the NIH NIDDK New Investigator Gateway Awards

Congratulations to these three investigators on joining HIRN via the NIH NIDDK Gateway Award Initiative.  This award was designed to ensure that a robust pipeline of talented new investigators will continue to embark on successful careers in type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. The recipients will be embedded within the HIRN scientific framework to provide unique opportunities for New and Early Stage Investigators to increase their understanding of key questions in the field, to network, and to establish unique and potentially long-lasting collaborations that will propel their careers forward. It is anticipated that the Gateway award will provide the support needed to enhance the success of future R01 submissions from New Investigators interested in pursuing careers in T1D research.

Romina Bevacqua, PhD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Research Abstract: “Identification of Novel Regulatory Mechanisms Driving Human Beta-Cell Maturation and Function”
HIRN Consortium: CHIB
Date Awarded: November 15, 2023

Han Zhu, PhD, University of California, San Diego
Research Abstract: “Gene regulatory programs driving metabolic maturation of human pluripotent stem cell derived β-cells”
HIRN Consortium: CHIB
Date Awarded: November 1, 2023


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