Active Projects

  • A Stress-Induced Vicious Cycle in the Development of T1D View
  • Alternative RNA Splicing Events Contribute to the Onset of islet dysfunction in T1D View
  • BioStructure & Function Team Leader View
  • Determining the Intrinsic and Environmental Signal Contributing to Early T1D Progression View
  • Development of an Early Diagnostic Biomarker and Novel Treatment Strategy for T1D View
  • Dissecting Transcriptomics and Epigenomic Signatures of Immune Cells in T1D View
  • Elucidating the Human Beta Cell Translatome in Health and Disease View
  • Functional and Molecular Characterization of the Human Islet Interferon Alpha Response View
  • Integrated Stress Response in Human Islets during Early T1D View
  • Investigation of the Role of HNF1A in Increasing Susceptibility to Type 1 Diabetes View
  • Lactate-mediated Metabolic Reprogramming of Beta Cells in T1D Contributes to their Enhanced Plasticity and Dedifferentiation View
  • Mapping the Association of Beta Cell Longevity and Senescence in T1D View
  • Non-invasive Detection of Cell Death in Type 1 Diabetes: Insight into Novel Disease Mechanisms View
  • Real-time in vivo Analysis of Islet Redox Dynamics View

Closed Projects

  • Biomarkers for Diabetes using Stem Cell-derived Beta Cells View
  • Biomarkers of Beta Cell Stress in Type 1 Diabetes (BetaMarker) View
  • Defining Islet Heterogeneity Using Single Islet Transcriptomics View
  • Drivers and Consequences of Beta Cell DNA Damage in Type 1 Diabetes View
  • Epigenetic, Protein, and Cellular Biomarkers of Beta Cell Function in T1D View
  • High-Resolution Analysis of Juvenile Human Pancreas Maturation View
  • Interrogation of Dynamic RNA Modifications in Beta Cells in Type 1 Diabetes View
  • Non-invasive Diagnosis of Human Beta Cell Damage and Death View
  • Regulatory Networks and Biomarkers of Beta-cell Dysfunction and Apoptosis View
  • Single Cell Resolution of Omics Analysis of T1D Islets View
  • Single-Cell Analyses of Human Islets in T1D Using Highly Multiplexed Imaging View


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