Meet the Members of the Human Islet Research Enhancement Center (HIREC): Dave Ko

Dave Ko
Senior Developer

Role within HIREC:
Mr. Ko is responsible for all things technology related within HIREC.  This includes but is not limited to development and maintenance of the HIRN Resource Browser, administration of the WordPress CMS that powers the HIRN website, Search Engine Optimization, account management and directory services, and management and architecture of the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure that is the backbone of all HIREC systems.

California State Polytechnic University, BS, Computer Information Systems


Mr. Ko has 25+ years of experience designing, developing, and delivering technical solutions.  He is a full stack developer specializing in responsive web applications using the Microsoft and Azure technology stack, as well as native mobile applications for iOS and Android.  He also has experience managing teams of developers as well as DevOps (developer operations) DevOps (developer operations) and automated build pipelines/continuous integration for various systems, ensuring releases consistent and traceable with requirements.

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