Stomach-derived human insulin-secreting organoids restore glucose homeostasis

Consortia: CTAR

Huang X, Gu W, Zhang J, Lan Y, Colarusso JL, Li S, Pertl C, Lu J, Kim H, Zhu J, Breault DT, Sévigny J, Zhou Q.
Nat Cell Biol. 2023 Apr 27. doi: 10.1038/s41556-023-01130-y. Online ahead of print. PMID:37106062

All Unfolding emergency calls stress granules to the ER Human insulin as both antigen and protector in type 1 diabetes A Golden Hour and Golden Opportunity for β-Cell Preservation The integrated stress response in pancreatic development, tissue homeostasis, and cancer Network approach reveals preferential T-cell and macrophage association with α-linked β-cells in early stage of insulitis in NOD mice Pharmacological inhibition of tyrosine protein-kinase 2 reduces islet inflammation and delays type 1 diabetes onset in mice Follicular helper- and peripheral helper-like T cells drive autoimmune disease in human immune system mice Physiomimetic Fluidic Culture Platform on Microwell-Patterned Porous Collagen Scaffold for Human Pancreatic Islets CD4+ T Cells From Individuals With Type 1 Diabetes Respond to a Novel Class of Deamidated Peptides Formed in Pancreatic Islets Modeling type 1 diabetes progression using machine learning and single-cell transcriptomic measurements in human islets Proinflammatory stress activates neutral sphingomyelinase 2 based generation of a ceramide-enriched β cell EV subpopulation De novo identification of CD4(+) T cell epitopes Single cell regulatory architecture of human pancreatic islets suggests sex differences in β cell function and the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes Do We Need a New Hypothesis for KATP Closure in β-Cells? Distinguishing the Baby From the Bathwater High affinity chimeric antigen receptor signaling induces an inflammatory program in human regulatory T cells Islet autoantibodies as precision diagnostic tools to characterize heterogeneity in type 1 diabetes: a systematic review Cyborg islets: implanted flexible electronics reveal principles of human islet electrical maturation miR-146a-5p mediates inflammation-induced β cell mitochondrial dysfunction and apoptosis Proinsulin folding and trafficking defects trigger a common pathological disturbance of endoplasmic reticulum homeostasis Diabetes as a Pancreatic Microvascular Disease-A Pericytic Perspective Interferons are key cytokines acting on pancreatic islets in type 1 diabetes Redox regulation of m(6)A methyltransferase METTL3 in β-cells controls the innate immune response in type 1 diabetes Regulation of β-cell death by ADP-ribosylhydrolase ARH3 via lipid signaling in insulitis Immuno-Scanning Electron Microscopy of Islet Primary Cilia Reduction of chemokine CXCL9 expression by omega-3 fatty acids via ADP-ribosylhydrolase ARH3 in MIN6 insulin-producing cells A Composite Biomarker Signature of Type 1 Diabetes Risk Identified via Augmentation of Parallel Multi-Omics Data from a Small Cohort The immunology of type 1 diabetes Comparative and integrative single cell analysis reveals new insights into the transcriptional immaturity of stem cell-derived β cells DNA methylation-based assessment of cell composition in human pancreas and islets A fast and sensitive size-exclusion chromatography method for plasma extracellular vesicle proteomic analysis Stress and human health in diabetes: A report from the 19(th) Chicago Biomedical Consortium symposium Mapping the daily rhythmic transcriptome in the diabetic retina Local dialogues between the endocrine and exocrine cells in the pancreas KD025 is a casein kinase 2 inhibitor that protects against glucolipotoxicity in beta cells SliceChip: a benchtop fluidic platform for organotypic culture and serial assessment of human and rodent pancreatic slices Discordant Effects of Polyamine Depletion by DENSpm and DFMO on β-cell Cytokine Stress and Diabetes Outcomes in Mice Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors Prevent Cytokine-Induced β Cell Dysfunction Through Restoration of Stromal Interaction Molecule 1 Expression and Activation of Store-Operated Calcium Entry RedRibbon: A new rank-rank hypergeometric overlap for gene and transcript expression signatures Conformational plasticity of RAS Q61 family of neoepitopes results in distinct features for targeted recognition NADPH Oxidase 2-Derived Reactive Oxygen Species Promote CD8+ T Cell Effector Function Protection of β cells against pro-inflammatory cytokine stress by the GDF15-ERBB2 signaling How to Test Human CAR T Cells in Solid Tumors, the Next Frontier of CAR T Cell Therapy Redirecting Human Conventional and Regulatory T Cells Using Chimeric Antigen Receptors Disrupted RNA editing in beta cells mimics early-stage type 1 diabetes RFX6 maintains gene expression and function of adult human islet α cells Simplified homology-assisted CRISPR for gene editing in Drosophila Genetic risk converges on regulatory networks mediating early type 2 diabetes An Intraislet Paracrine Signaling Pathway That Enables Glucagon to Stimulate Pancreatic β-Cells Beta-cell intrinsic dynamics rather than gap junction structure dictates subpopulations in the islet functional network A proteomic meta-analysis refinement of plasma extracellular vesicles


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