Real-time Detection of Insulin Surrogate Markers within Physiomimetic Islet Microsystems

Contact PI: Ashu Agarwal, Investigator

Alejandro Caicedo, PhD, Collaborator, University of Miami


Glucose stimulated insulin secretion is the primary functional assay for pancreatic islet function. However, the temporal resolution of monitoring hormone secretion is limited by sampling frequency (typically minutes), which in turn is restricted by the detection limits of conventional assays (typically ELISA). These methods have limited temporal resolution, cannot be performed in real-time, and need expensive reagents/specialized equipment. The ability to detect insulin with high temporal resolution and in real time is of critical importance to HIRN teams as well as to the diabetes research community. We propose to develop biosensor based assays for real-time quantification of Serotonin and C-peptide release from human islets. We will integrate these biosensors within fluidic microsystems developed in Agarwal lab that allow long term culture of islets and efficient perfusion with stimulant glucose waveforms. We will correlate and calibrate Serotonin and C-peptide levels with secreted insulin in an effort to develop surrogate markers of insulin.


Opportunity Pool Project Sponsored by CHIB.
Awarded: 2017



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