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  • JDRF Requests for Applications (RFAs):

    • Beta Cell Replacement Innovation RFA
       The JDRF Beta Cell Replacement program strategy is designed to achieve the ultimate goal of creating a product with a safe renewable beta cell source capable of restoring glucose control and delivering long-term insulin independence without the need for chronic immunosuppression therapy. For inquries please contact: Ester Latres, PhD

      Application due:  October 31, 2018

    • Beta Cell Regeneration and Survival RFA
    • Innovative Strategies To Demonstrate “Immunological Proof-of-Mechanism” And To Explore Early Outcome Measures In Immunotherapy Trials.

      JDRF is committed to addressing key hurdles in accelerating the clinical path towards approval of effective immunotherapies for the prevention and treatment of T1D. To that end, JDRF is soliciting letters of intent (LOIs) for the development of revised outcomes for clinical trials of immunotherapies that will allow faster and more efficient studies to establish proof-of-mechanism and proof-of-concept. Efforts are urgently needed in the T1D community to define measures that will allow evaluation of the therapeutic effects of candidate immune therapies in a shorter time frame and utilizing fewer subjects to evaluate therapeutic benefit.

      Letter of Intent due:  September 12, 2018
      Application due:  November 14, 2018
    • Therapeutic Development and Early Clinical Testing of T Cell Targeted Immunotherapies for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

      The purpose of this request for applications (RFA) is to facilitate faster translation of important type 1 diabetes (T1D) related research findings into viable immune therapeutic candidates for human testing. This RFA intends to specifically support late stage preclinical development of promising candidate immune drug and biologic therapies. It is JDRF’s hope that projects successfully completed under this RFA will attract external partners for large scale trials towards regulatory approval of novel therapeutic candidates.

      Letter of Intent due:  October 8, 2018
      Application due:  January 7, 2019