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JDRF Request for Proposals for: Biomarker Analysis Center(s) for Mass Cytometry and Transcriptome Analysis of TrialNET Samples

Purpose of this RFP:
JDRF, the world’s leading non-profit organization with the mission to cure type 1 diabetes (T1D), is partnering
with TrialNet, an international consortium of clinical research centers with the goal to prevent or delay T1D.
Both organizations support researchers worldwide who are working to better understand the natural history of
T1D, develop methods to better identify persons at risk for the disease, and evaluate new therapies to
potentially delay or reverse the progression of disease. Further information about JDRF and TrialNet is
available online at JDRF and TrialNET

Learn more:  RFP_JDRF-TN-BiomarkerAnalysisCenters_July2017.pdf (40 downloads)