Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Human Islet and Pancreas ECM

Contact PI: Karen Christman, PhD

Kirk Hansen, PhD, Investigator, University of Colorado


It is well documented that the interaction of beta cells with vascular endothelial cells (ECs), extracellular matrix (ECM) and other islet endocrine cells is vital for their maturation, function and survival. Thus, a microenvironment that supports the maturation and maintenance of beta cells ex vivo will likely require reconstruction of normal islet cytoarchitecture in 3D cultures composed of endocrine islet cells, ECs, stromal cells, and ECM.  However, very little is understood about the islet ECM. Studies to date have relied on analyzing a select number of components using Western blots or immunohistochemistry.  There are no studies that have quantiatively analyzed the numerous components of pancreatic or islet specific ECM.  This information is however vital to fully recapitulate the islet microenvironment. In this project, we will quantitatively analyze human pancreatic and islet ECM samples using state of the art mass spectrometry techniques.


Opportunity Pool Project Sponsored by CHIB.
Awarded: 2016



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