The Proteome of Replicating Cells

Contact PI: Charles Ansong, PhD and Yuval Dor, PhD


Understanding the biology of beta cell replication is key for the development of regenerative therapies in diabetes, but the rarity of beta cell replication in vivo makes this a challenging task. The Dor group has developed novel tools for the isolation of rare populations of live replicating beta cells, as well as beta cells that are mitogen‐refractory or senescent. These cells have been used to study the transcriptome of replicating and senescent beta cells. However the changes that take place in the protein composition of replicating and post‐replicating beta cells remain completely unknown. PNNL has developed new technological platforms for ultra‐small scale, in‐depth proteome analysis. In this pilot project, we propose to take advantage of these new tools to provide a first protein atlas of mouse and human beta cells during the cell division cycle. The resulting data will shed light on uncharted aspects of beta cell dynamics, with the ultimate goal of identifying targets for interventions that can expand beta cell mass.

Opportunity Pool Project Sponsored by CBDS
Awarded in 2018



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