HIRN 2018 New Investigator Awards

The Human Islet Research Network (HIRN) is pleased to announce the following seven recipients of the 2018 New Investigator  Pilot Award Initiative.  These investigators will carry out bold and highly innovative new research approaches to biological problems under current investigation in HIRN.  They will join their respective consortium conference calls and attend the HIRN Annual Investigator Meeting.


Joana Almaca, PhD
University of Miami
Consortia CTAR/HPAP

Changes in Human Islet Microvasculature during Type 1 Diabetes


Sangeeta Dhawan, PhD
Beckman Research Institute
of the City of Hope
Consortium: CTAR

Targeting DNA Hydroxymethylation to 
Promote Human Beta Cell Function


Abdelfattah El Ouaamari, PhD
Rutgers University
Consortium: CTAR

Neuromodulation for Type 1 Diabetes: Harnessing Sensory Innervation to Promote Regeneration and Function of Insulin-Producing Cells


Eddie James, PhD
Benaroya Research Institute
Consortium: CMAI

HLA Multimer based Characterization
of Islet Resident CD4+ T Cells that Target Beta Cell Epitopes and Neo-epitopes


Amelia Linnemann, PhD
Indiana University
Consortium: CBDS

Real-time in vivo Analysis of
Islet Redox Dynamics


Holger Russ, PhD
University of Colorado, Denver
Consortium: CBDS

Elucidating the Human Beta Cell Translatome in Health and Disease




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