Giorgio Basile

Giorgio Basile, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Consortium: CTAR









Where are you from originally, and where did you go to school?

I was born in Palermo, Italy and I did all my studies in Rome. I obtained my PhD from University of Rome Sapienza.

►What is your current position?

Postdoctoral Fellow

►Why did you decide to become a researcher?

I was always interested in cell and molecular biology, particularly in those studies defining the molecular pathways regulating the pathophysiological processes of a cell.

►What is the “Big Picture” of what you study?

The study that I am currently working on is aimed to the identification of compounds that can be used as tools to characterize new molecular pathways regulating the life and death of beta cells.

►What is your favorite aspect of your research?

The project I follow gives me the opportunity to study another layer of regulation of the life of a beta cell, which is the communication with the exocrine compartment of the pancreas.

► What do you hope to achieve with your research?

The goal of the studies I am carrying on is to identify new molecular regulators of beta cell homeostasis that can be selectively targeted to resolve pathogenic phenotypes underlying the development and progression of diabetes.

►What groups are you involved with?

I work in the laboratory of Prof. Rohit Kulkarni at Joslin Diabetes Center (Boston, MA) on different projects in collaboration with the groups of Dr. Bridget Wagner and Dr. Amit Choudhary at the Broad Institute (Cambridge, MA)

►When not in the lab what are your favorite hobbies/activities?

I like to spend those few hours I am not in the lab jogging, cooking and gardening.

►Additional Comments

I had recently been awarded with a Postdoctoral Fellowship from JDRF.



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