The Arthur Riggs Diabetes & Metabolism Research Institute at City of Hope

The Thurmond Lab in the Arthur Riggs Diabetes & Metabolism Research Institute, within the Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope, is looking for a highly motivated and team-science minded Postdoctoral Fellow, to study the molecular mechanisms involved in regulating functional beta cell mass, skeletal muscle insulin action, whole body glucose homeostasis, and healthspan/lifespan. The lab specializes in detailed studies of signaling/trafficking/exocytosis, using primary human and rodent islet cells, skeletal muscle cells and adipocytes. Interested applicants please send a cover letter and curriculum vitae, including the names of three references, to Dr. Debbie Thurmond.

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University of Massachusetts

The Greiner and Brehm Labs at the UMass Chan Medical School’s Diabetes Center of Excellence in Worcester, MA is recruiting a fully funded postdoctoral position. Their laboratories specialize in humanized mouse models to study type 1 diabetes. Interests include effector functions of human autoreactive T cells, interactions between T cells and beta cells, and identifying immune therapeutics that suppress beta cell destruction.  Approaches used included immunological, cellular, molecular, and genomic. For more information, contact Dr. Brehm. 

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University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania has multiple Academia Postdoctoral positions for dry (computational), wet (experimental), or hybrid biologists are available in the lab of Dr. Golnaz Vahedi.  The Vahedi lab is multidisciplinary, integrating cutting-edge experimental and computational approaches to develop a mechanistic understanding of cell fate determination in the immune system. Interested applicants should submit a CV to Dr. Golnaz Vahedi.

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The Jackson Laboratory

The Stitzel Lab at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine in Farmington, CT is recruiting a Postdoctoral Associate to join their scientific team working to understand the precise genetic mechanisms controlling pancreatic islet identity and function and identify genes and response pathways that can be therapeutically targeted to prevent islet dysfunction and enhance islet resilience. Interested applicants for the position should send a CV, a brief statement of their research interests, and contact information with three references to Miriam Ortiz.

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University of Michigan

The Arvan laboratory, at the University of Michigan, has availability for one postdoctoral trainee in the area of pancreatic beta cell biology of the secretory pathway. The primary focus of work in the Arvan lab centers around the genes and environmental factors controlling the biogenesis and storage of insulin secretory granules, and defects in such genes/factors that contribute to the development of beta cell failure in diabetes.   It is expected that the successful postdoctoral candidate for this position would have recent PhD training in cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, or related field.  For more information, contact Dr. Peter Arvan

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University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

The University of California, Los Angeles under the direction of Dr. Oluwatayo Ikotun and Dr. Daniel Kaufman is seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral associate interested in the interface of diabetes research and molecular imaging. This highly translatable research seeks to leverage the non-destructive, whole-body, and quantitative power of molecular imaging to directly visualize host immune-mediated rejection of allogenic β-islet grafts.  The candidate is expected to lead this research initiative and deliver on research milestones described in the collaborative research initiative funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF). Candidates with experience in diabetes research interested in engaging in innovative molecular imaging or molecular imaging scientists excited to engage in research on the intersection of immunology and diabetes are strongly encouraged to apply.  Interested candidates should provide a CV, cover letter, three references, and a summary of research experience to Dr. Ikotun.

Stanford University

The Division of Gastroenterology in the Department of Pediatrics at Stanford University seeks an immunologist in pancreatic disorders to join the Division as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor in the University Tenure Line, University Medical Line, or the Non-Tenure Line (Research).  The successful applicant should have experience in leading projects that characterize the immune landscape, using high end immune profiling, of either pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, pancreatic insufficiency, or pancreas development and has a vision to partner with physicians and scientists at Stanford to make breakthroughs in focused areas in this space.  Applicants for the position should send a CV and a brief letter to include an optional diversity statement HERE.

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The Arthur Riggs Diabetes & Metabolism Research Institute at City of Hope

The Department of Diabetes Immunology within the Arthur Riggs Diabetes & Metabolism Research Institute (AR-DMRI) at City of Hope has an opening at any professorial rank (Assistant/Associate or full professor). The successful candidate will be a scientist with interest in understanding islet autoimmunity and more broadly the disease pathogenesis at the preclinical and/or clinical levels and with the desire to translate promising insights into biomarkers, treatments and potential cures for type 1 diabetes. Interested Applicants for the position should send a CV, a brief statement of their research interests, and contact information for three references to Dr. Alberto Pugliese.

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University of Alabama at Birmingham

A Postdoctoral Fellowship position is available in the Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology (CDIB) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).The position is available for a minimum period of two years. A major requirement will be expertise in molecular biology approaches and experience with CRISPR technology. The applicant will also be expected to have working knowledge of animal work (genotyping, islet and immune cells isolation); in vivo analyses (glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity); in vitro assays with beta-cells and immune cells; Western blotting; immunofluorescence analyses; and proficiency with RT-qPCR protocols.  Please send curriculum vitae and names of three references to: Dr. Sasanka Ramanadham.

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Medical College of Wisconsin

The laboratory of Dr. Xuelin Lou at the Medical College of Wisconsin is seeking a highly motivated and creative Postdoctoral Fellow to lead exciting research projects on membrane trafficking in islet β cells. We are dedicated to understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate β cell exocytosis, endocytosis, and autophagy in physiological and diabetic conditions. We utilize primary islet cell cultures, viral transduction, live-cell imaging, patch-clamps, super resolution microscopy (SIM/PALM/STORM/STED/ExM), EM-tomography, multi-omics, and mouse models to achieve our research goals . The ideal candidate will have a Ph.D. in Biology (or a related field) and quality publications. Experience in islet biology, or expertise in relevant research methods is highly desirable. Please send your cover letter, curriculum vitae, and the name/contact of three references to Dr. Xuelin Lou

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Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School

Post-Doctoral Fellowship position in the Kulkarni Lab at Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School.  One position is available immediately for a period of 3 years each. Applications are invited from individuals with a PhD or MD or MD PhD degrees. Candidates with expertise in Bioinformatics will be especially relevant. Prospective candidates should have expertise in handling large ‘omics’ databases and be willing to work closely with other Fellows in the lab to assist in analyses of biological data from diverse projects focused on Metabolism. These include but are not restricted to defining pathways and identifying mechanisms that regulate pancreatic (endocrine and exocrine) biology and inter-organ cross-talk in the overall maintenance of glucose homeostasis. Other projects include induced pluripotent stem cells, genetically engineered and humanized mouse models. Candidates will also be encouraged to develop their own research interests. Applicants for the position should provide a brief statement of research interests, CV, and the names of three references to Dr. Kulkarni.

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New York Medical College

New York Medical College is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab of Dr. El Ouaamari. This candidate will investigate the role of the peripheral neurons in the regulation of systemic energy homeostasis in the context of obesity and diabetes. Self-driven, creative, resourceful and independent candidates with a PhD in neuroscience or neurobiology are encouraged to apply. Prior postdoctoral experience in neuroscience or related fields is preferred. Successful applicants will develop a research project focused on understanding how peripheral neurons control glucose and lipid homeostasis—with the long-term goal of identifying high-value biological data that can be harnessed to design neuromodulation-based strategies to counter obesity and diabetes. The candidate must be skilled in using in vitro and in vivo techniques for manipulating and monitoring neuronal activity and should have strong records of productivity and achievement. Preference will be given to applicants who have experience in islet biology as well. The successful candidate will also contribute to the training of undergraduate and graduate students and work closely with the PI on preparation and submission of research/review articles and grants.  Please send cover letter and CV to Dr. Abdelfattah El Ouaamari.

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University of Pittsburgh

The Freyberg laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh is offering Postdoctoral positions to study roles of dopamine in pancreatic hormone secretion and in diabetes. Candidates must have Ph.D. and/or M.D. degrees. Previous experience with molecular biology, mammalian cell and pancreatic islet culture, fluorescence microscopy is also preferred but not required, although candidates with experience in these skills are strongly encouraged to apply. Training in more advanced techniques is a key aim of the postdoctoral position; the biggest requirement is the enthusiasm and ambition of the candidate to make important contributions to our understanding of dopamine actions in metabolism. Interested candidates should send their CV, a one-page summary of their past research and future research interests, and the contact information for 2-3 references directly to Dr. Zachary Freyberg.

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The University of Chicago’s Department of Medicine

The University of Chicago’s Department of Medicine is searching for full-time physician scientist faculty members at any rank. Appointees will maintain a productive research program and provide patient care directly. Other responsibilities will include teaching and supervision of trainees and students. We are interested in applicants in any area of scientific investigation and clinical subspecialty, and especially welcome those whose research focus more broadly is in the areas of immunology/inflammation, diabetes, obesity, metabolism, sleep disorders, or cancer biology. Prior to the start of employment, qualified applicants must: 1) have a medical doctorate or equivalent, and 2) hold or be eligible for medical licensure in the State of Illinois. Please send your CV, cover letter, and contact information with 3 references to Dr. Mirmira.

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Vanderbilt Diabetes Center

The Powers & Brissova research group in the Vanderbilt Diabetes Center is a seeking postdoctoral fellows to study human pancreas and islet biology with a focus on gene expression and developmental biology of single cells. We are especially interested individuals with computational or informatics expertise, multimodal, multiplex experience, or live cell imaging experience. Please send current CV to Dr. Al Powers.

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