2017 Investigator Meeting: Poster PDFs


The 3rd Annual HIRN Investigator Meeting was held March 7 – 10, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bethesda, MD.  


 Below is a listing of all of the Posters presented during the HIRN 2017 Poster Sessions. The Poster Session Summary contains a detailed summary of the posters presented including presenter, title, and affiliation (Consortium/PI).
  HIRN2017.-Poster-Session.pdf (4 downloads)


1             HPPAP: A case study
HIRN2017.-1-Golson.pdf (4 downloads)

2             Stimulating β-cell Proliferation Through Targeted Demethylation of the Imprinting Control Region 2 on Chromosome 11p15
HIRN2017.-2-Ou.pdf (3 downloads)

3             Neuron-enriched RNA-binding Proteins Regulate Pancreatic Beta Cell Function and Survival
HIRN2017.-3-Juan-Jonas.pdf (1 download)

4             Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator (CFTR) does not Regulate Insulin in Mouse Islets and its Mutation
               in Human Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Leads to Pancreatic Remodeling and Inflammation with Activation of Immune sSignaling within the Islet

5             Transcriptome data from 120 Individual Islets Reveal Heterogeneity Between Histologically Defined Phenotypes
HIRN2017.-5-Lenchik.pdf (2 downloads)

6             Pax6 Maintains Pancreatic Beta Cell Identity by Activating Beta Cell Genes and Repressing Alternative Islet Cell Genes
HIRN2017.-6-Swisa.pdf (0 downloads)

7             MiR-204 Regulates ER Stress and Apoptosis in Beta Cells
HIRN2017.-7-Xu.pdf (0 downloads)

8             Bottom-Up Islet Engineering
HIRN2017.-8-Peterson.pdf (2 downloads)

9             α-Cell Induction of Polyhormonal Precursors in a Biomimetic Islet Capsule
HIRN2017.-9-Pope.pdf (2 downloads)

10           Circulating Beta Cell miRNAs and Pancreatic Beta Dell Damage
HIRN2017.-10-Ferrer.pdf (0 downloads)

11           Diabetic β-cell Dysfunction as a Failure of Adaptive Chromatin Remodeling
HIRN2017.-11-Kuo.pdf (0 downloads)

12           Conversion of Human non-β-Cells into Insulin Producers 
HIRN2017.-12-Furuyama.pdf (0 downloads)

13           Multi-omic Analysis of Beta Cell Stress in vitro, ex-vivo and in vivo
HIRN2017.-13-Metz.pdf (0 downloads)

14           Engineering 3D Peri-islet Niches within a Microfluidic Device
HIRN2017.-14-Li.pdf (2 downloads)

15           Type 1 Diabetes Beta Cells Derived from Nuclear Transfer ES Cells Protect Mice from Diabetes
HIRN2017.-15-Sui.pdf (0 downloads)

16           Single Cell Analysis of Human Islets in Type I Diabetes (T1D) Using Highly Multiplexed Imaging
HIRN2017.-16-Engler.pdf (0 downloads)

17           Investigating the Natural History of Type 1 Diabetes by Imaging Mass Cytometry
HIRN2017.-17-Damond.pdf (0 downloads)

18           High-Resolution Imaging of Mouse Pancreatic Islets Using Constant-Distance Mode Nanospray
               Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
HIRN2017.-18-Yin.pdf (0 downloads)

19           Towards a Human Islet Specific rAAV Vector
HIRN2017.-19-Kay.pdf (0 downloads)

20           Decreased Insulin Secretion and Impaired β-cell Autophagy Follows Loss of Secretory Pathway Ca2+ ATPase (SPCA1)
HIRN2017.-20-Bone.pdf (0 downloads)

21           The Role of GATA6 and GATA4 in Pancreatic Beta Cell Function
HIRN2017.-21-Leavens.pdf (0 downloads)

22           Genetic Manipulation of Type 1 Diabetes Candidate Risk Genes in Antigen-specific T Cells 
HIRN2017.-22-Botelho-Moniz.pdf (0 downloads)

23           Moderate-throughput T cell screening for antigen discovery
HIRN2017.-23-Nakayama.pdf (0 downloads)

24           Transcriptional Targeting of Human Alpha and Beta Cells Using Recombinant AAV
HIRN2017.-24-Galivo.pdf (2 downloads)

25           Modeling MODY3 with Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

26           A Novel Inter-organ Signaling Pathway Regulating Islet Insulin Secretion
HIRN2017.-26-Hang.pdf (0 downloads)


27           Rapamycin Impairs β cell Function in Adult and Inhibits β cell Proliferation in Juvenile Human Islets in vivo
HIRN2017.-27-Dai.pdf (0 downloads)

28           12-Lipoxygenase as a Novel Pathway Leading to Islet Beta Cell Functional Loss in Type 1 Diabetes
HIRN2017.-28-Glenn.pdf (0 downloads)

29           Dissecting the Role of NK Cells in Type 1 Diabetes Pathogenesis
HIRN2017.-29-Morris.pdf (0 downloads)

30           Single Islet HLA Class I mRNA and protein levels in Type 1 Diabetes
  HIRN2017.-30-Butterworth.pdf (0 downloads)

31           SC-β Cell Maturation and Diabetes Modeling in vivo
HIRN2017.-31-Davis.pdf (2 downloads)

32           Islet Autoantibodies Are Associated with Insulitis but Not Beta Cell Loss in Type 1 Diabetes
HIRN2017.-32-Jacobsen.pdf (0 downloads)

33           Global Profile of Insulin and Islet Endocrine Cell Dynamics Throughout the Spectrum of b-cell Deficit
HIRN2017.-33-Oropeza.pdf (0 downloads)

34           Developing an “Islets Health Index” for Tracking Islets In Vitro
HIRN2017.-34-Patel.pdf (0 downloads)

35           BCL11A: A T2D Risk Gene from GWAS that Regulates Human Beta Cell Function
HIRN2017.-35-Heshan.pdf (0 downloads)

36           BioID Analysis of PTPN22 Interactome in T Cells and Monocytes
HIRN2017.-36-Savinov.pdf (0 downloads)

37           C-like Ig Domain of VTCN1 (B7-H4) is a Powerful Activator of Naïve T Cells to Functional Treg Conversion
HIRN2017.-37-Radichev.pdf (0 downloads)

38           Polyamine and Hypusine Biosynthesis is Required for Proper Pancreas Development
HIRN2017.-38-Mastracci.pdf (0 downloads)

39           Fluctuation Localization Imaging-based Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) for Counting RNA Copies in Single Islet Cells
HIRN2017.-39-Cui.pdf (0 downloads)

40           A Metabolomics and GSIR Study to Investigate the Effects of Inflammation, Hypoxia, and High Glucose
               on Human Pancreatic Islets and Their Function
HIRN2017.-40-Buchwald.pdf (0 downloads)

41           Transcriptional Profiling of Alpha and Beta Cells in Donors with Type 1 Diabetes and Controls
HIRN2017.-41-Redick.pdf (2 downloads)

42           Next Generation Humanized Mice Enables Studies of Human Innate Immunity and Diabetes in Response to Coxsackie B (CVB) Infection
HIRN2017.-42-Brehm.pdf (0 downloads)

43           Analysis of Pancreas and Islets of a 33-year-old male with 16 years of Clinical Type 1 Diabetes Reveals MODY3/HNF1A Diabetes
HIRN2017.-43-Haliyur.pdf (0 downloads)

44           Circulating Preproinsulin (PPI) mRNA As a Potential Biomarker of β Cell Stress
HIRN2017.-44-Syed.pdf (0 downloads)

45           Establishing Functional iPSC-derived Endothelial Cells for Modeling Type 1 Diabetes
HIRN2017.-45-Santostefano.pdf (2 downloads)

46           Fluidic Platform for ex vivo Interrogation of Pancreatic Islet
HIRN2017.-46-Ishahak.pdf (0 downloads)

47           Differential Endocrine and Exocrine Lipid and Protein Distributions in Wild-type and ob/ob Mice as Revealed by Tissue
               Imaging Mass Spectrometry
HIRN2017.-47-Prentice.pdf (0 downloads)

48           Towards Beta Cell-Specific Serum Protein Biomarkers for Predicting T1D Development
HIRN2017.-48-Yi.pdf (0 downloads)

49           Generation of Nature β-cells from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells in vitro
HIRN2017.-49-Nair.pdf (2 downloads)

50           Quantitative Models of Insulin Release: Parallel GSIR Perfusion Studies of Free and Encapsulated Human and Murine Pancreatic Islets   
HIRN2017.-50-Tamayo-Garcia.pdf (0 downloads)

51           The Functional Maturation of Pancreatic Beta Cells During Human Development
HIRN2017.-51-Stanescu.pdf (0 downloads)

52           Hpx1 Antibody Labels Multipotent Pancreatic Progenitors During Human Pancreas Development and Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation
HIRN2017.-52-Saunders.pdf (0 downloads)

53           dkNET

54           Combining Gene Editing and Human Stem Cells to Study Diabetes

55           Teratomas are Common and May Inhibit Allogeneic Rejection Following Transplantation of Pancreatic Beta Cell Progenitors Generated
                from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
HIRN2017.-56-Rui.pdf (4 downloads)

56           β Cells that Resist Immunological Attack Develop During Progression of Autoimmune Diabetes in NOD mice
HIRN2017.-56-Rui.pdf (4 downloads)

57           Nanoscale Proteomics Profiling of Laser Capture Microdissected Human Islets Revealed Novel Proteome Changes
               of the Islet Cells at the Pre-T1D Stage
HIRN2017.-57-Piehowski.pdf (0 downloads)

58           Cytokines Modulate Phosphorylation of Proteins Involved in Human β-cell Growth and Survival
HIRN2017.-58-Basile.pdf (0 downloads)

59           The Role of Retinoic Acid Signaling During Pancreas Development
HIRN2017.-59-Lorberbaum.pdf (0 downloads)

60           Establishing Vascularized Human Pancreatic Islets from Human Embryonic Stem Cells
HIRN2017.-60-Nguyen-Ngoc.pdf (2 downloads)

61           T1D Exchange Overview

62           Development of Humanized Mouse Models to Study Interactions Between Human Immune Systems and Human Islets
HIRN2017.-62-Kenney.pdf (2 downloads)

63           Integrative Genomic Analysis of Human Insulinomas Combined with Synthetic Modified mRNA as a Platform to Generate
               and Screen Beta Cell Mitogenic Candidates
HIRN2017.-63-Argmann.pdf (0 downloads)

64           Enhancing β-Cell Differentiation from Pancreatic Progenitors with the Disque Platform
HIRN2017.-64-Wu.pdf (2 downloads)

65           The Disque Platform for Islet Differentiation
HIRN2017.-65-Jones.pdf (2 downloads)

66           Efficient Generation of Pancreatic Beta Cells from Gene Editing Compatible Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
HIRN2017.-66-Russ.pdf (2 downloads)

67           Autoimmunity as a Source of Endogenous Heterologous Alloimmunity
HIRN2017.-67-Burrack.pdf (0 downloads)

68           Proteomic Analysis of Extracellular Matrix Composition of Human Islets of Langerhans
HIRN2017.-68-Gaetani.pdf (0 downloads)

69           Structure-function Relationship in Long-term Cultured Human Islets

70           The Best AAV Transducer of Human Pancreatic Islets in vitro has a Strong Preference for Alpha Cells
HIRN2017.-70-Song.pdf (0 downloads)

71           Development of Liver-detargeting AAV Mutants Important for in vivo Islet Transduction by Comprehensive Alanine Scanning
               of Multiple AAV Serotype Capsids
HIRN2017.-71-Nakai.pdf (0 downloads)

72           The IL15Rα Exon 6 Transmembrane Domain is not Required for the Development of NK Cells in NOD-SCID Mice
HIRN2017.-72-Nauman.pdf (0 downloads)

73           Functional Adult Bone Marrow HSCs Appear to Expand in the Bone Marrow of Transplanted Mice
HIRN2017.-73-Nauman.pdf (0 downloads)

74           Coxsackievirus Induced Proteomic Alterations in Cultured Primary Human Islets and EndoC-βH1 Cells
HIRN2017.-74-Nyalwidhe.pdf (0 downloads)

75           Proteomic Analysis of Disease Stratified Laser Captured Microdissected Human Islets
HIRN2017.-75-Nyalwidhe.pdf (0 downloads)

76           Co-expression Gene Networks in Islets of Langerhans Suggests Potential Interconnections Between Different Molecular Pathologies
HIRN2017.-76-Gerling.pdf (0 downloads)

77           Understanding Cell Interactions that Promote Beta Cell Function and Maintenance
HIRN2017.-77-Nicetto.pdf (0 downloads)

78           iPSC derived pancreatic β-cells and Primary Islets Respond Similarly to Autoimmune Effector Mechanisms
HIRN2017.-78-Rajanahalli.pdf (2 downloads)

79           hnRNPK Regulates the Translation of Stress-responsive Genes in Pancreatic Beta Cells
HIRN2017.-79-Good.pdf (0 downloads)

80           Augmented Islet Neogenesis during Pregnancy in a Mouse Model of Insulin Resistance
HIRN2017.-80-Kulkarni.pdf (0 downloads)

81           Human Insulinoma Data Mining Reveals Broad Epigenetic Dysfunction Among Human Insulinomas and Novel Mechanisms and
               Targets for Therapeutic Induction of Human Beta Cell Regeneration
HIRN2017.-81-Karakose.pdf (0 downloads)

82           Circulating DNA Biomarkers of Islet β cell Death in Diabetes
HIRN2017.-82-Mirmira.pdf (0 downloads)

83           Directed hPSC Differentiation to Thymic Epithelial Cells
HIRN2017.-83-Gras.pdf (0 downloads)

84           PTPN22 Regulates p38 MAPK Phosphorylation and Downstream Production of T cell Skewing Cytokines in Dendritic Cells
HIRN2017.-84-Armitage.pdf (0 downloads)

85           Lineage Specific Regulomes of the Human Pancreas
HIRN2017.-85-Arda.pdf (2 downloads)

86           Single-cell Analyses of the Endocrine Pancreas from an 18-day Old Donor
HIRN2017.-86-Wang.pdf (2 downloads)

87           IIDP Overview

88           iPSC Working Group Overview



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