Active Projects

  • Dissecting Chimeric Antigen Receptor Function in Human Regulatory T Cells View
  • Humanized Mouse Avatars for T1D View
  • Modeling Autoimmune Pathogenesis and Beta Cell Destruction by T1D Immune Systems View
  • Tregs as Vehicles for Targeted Delivery of Therapeutic Payload to Human Islets View

Closed Projects

  • Analysis of Human Autoreactive T Cell Receptors in vivo View
  • Genetic Regulation of Human Beta Cell Destruction View
  • HLA multimer based characterization of Islet Resident CD4+ T Cells that Target Beta Cell Epitopes and Neo-epitopes View
  • Human Islet-Infiltrating T cell Biology: Reactivity, Structure and Function View
  • Identification of the Cognate Epitopes of Autoreactive T Cells in T1D View
  • Mice with Autologous Human T1D-Derived Immune Systems and iPSC-Derived Beta Cells View
  • On the Plasticity of Beta-cell Antigen Recognition by Diabetogenic CD8 T cells View
  • Therapeutic Targeting of the Human Islet Environment View
  • Using Human Stem Cell-derived Thymic Epithelium to Remodel T1D Immune Tolerance View


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