Human Islet Research Network

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Coordinating Center (CC)

Contact PI: Joyce C. Niland, PhD


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Start Date: September 15, 2014



The Human Islet Research Network Coordinating Center (CC) within the Department of Diabetes and Cancer Discovery Science at City of Hope , provides the critical infrastructure to promote communication and collaboration among current and future HIRN participants, facilitating scientific advances and the sharing of data, tools, and reagents among HIRN members and the research community at large. As a National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseasesteam science program, HIRN facilitates interactions among communities of investigators organized around common biological and/or technological challenges, with the overall goal of developing innovative strategies for the treatment, prevention and cure of Type 1 diabetes. To ensure that HIRN’s mission is achieved, the COH HIRN-CC, in conjunction with the HIRN Bioinformatics Center (BC), will form the HIRN Administrative Hub, to enhance and extend the successful impact of research carried out by HIRN investigators. We plan the HIRN infrastructure in conjunction with the HIRN Steering Committees, Trans-Network Committee, and External Scientific Panels, remaining fully flexible to accommodate the changing scientific environment of HIRN and emerging Type 1 Diabetes research discoveries.